We typically charge between £550 and £1000 for a remortgage with a mainstream lender.  We will charge an additional fee of £40 plus VAT for redeeming the existing mortgage.  The Land Registry fee will be based on the value of the loan – see Land Registry website

Where VAT is chargeable on our fees and certain disbursements and other expenses this will be charged at the prevailing rate which is currently 20%.


Dependent upon the requirements of the lender you should budget for Searches which vary depending upon where the property is situated.  In a standard remortgage you should budget between £250 and £450 including VAT.

For a leasehold remortgage you should also budget for obtaining a management pack and the Notice of Mortgage fee as on a purchase.

Typical Time Scales

A typical mortgage or remortgage takes between 6-8 weeks, however it can be longer if there are any complications such as an application being rejected.  The process may also take longer if you switch lenders compared with getting a new deal with your current mortgage company.

Stages of the process

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice
  • Requesting the Title Deeds and redemption statement for existing mortgage
  • Obtaining Official Copies of the Title
  • Checking the Title and Official copies
  • Leasehold properties will require the lease to be checked and enquiries made if relevant
  • Carry out any searches
  • Checking the mortgage offer
  • Preparing for completion
  • Requesting final redemption statement
  • Requesting mortgage advance
  • Completion
  • Registration

For details of the lawyers undertaking this work please follow the link to our people on our website